Insurance Product Interface

Project Summary:
Project for past employer to redesign the interface that displayed product information to agents on the Fidelity & Guaranty Life (FGL) agent portal site.


The Problem:
Before the redesign, product information including an overview, sales materials, availability, training and resources were in different parts of the site, requiring the users (agents) to navigate to separate pages to learn about the project. The search option was limited - search by product name (not helpful if you didn't know the names of the products) or search by product type: life or annuity.


The Solution:
A tabbed interface was used to organize all product content on one page - no more clicking around several pages to find product information!

Additional features were added to aid the agents including: An interactive map shows product availability at a glance. A product search and filters allow the agents to search and filter by product type, availability or product name.

UX Process:
Interviews were held with stakeholders and users (the agents).
Conceptual models sketched
Mock-ups created in Photoshop
Prototype created in Axure

Featured Images & Prototype: 

The first image is a screenshot of the old product page. The second image is a sketch of the concept. The remaining images are screenshot from the prototype built in Axure. You can browse through the actual prototype in Project 6

Project 5

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