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Project 8

"New Business" Interface for FG Life Agents 

Project Summary:
The New Business section of the FG Life (Fidelity & Guaranty Life) agent portal allows agents to view new business they’ve submitted, status of policies (i.e. submitted, pending, issued) for life or annuity products they have sold. The interface redesign involved both front end and back end development using ASP.NET.

The Problem: The challenge for this project was how to organize and present many different views within the page. Not only were there six or more views per agent, but agencies with multiple agents could have dozens of views: for the overall agency, for groups of agents, or individual agents. Within each view, there were also multiple levels of content.

The Solution:
The challenge of how to present many different views was solved using a tabbed window inside the page. Modal windows were used to display multiple levels of content.

UX Process:

  • The design team worked with the sales and marketing department, and agents, to capture "as is" and "to be" functionality.

  • Design concepts were hashed out during brainstorming sessions and stakeholder meetings. using whiteboards. A series of sketched wireframes for each view were created.

  • Prototyping in Axure

Featured Images & Prototype: The following images show selected whiteboard sketches, and screenshots of the completed prototype.

Additional Project Documentation:
 • New Business Requirements
 • New Business Sketches

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