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PORTFOLIO: Project 11

Case Study: Wayfinding Application

Project Summary

I completed a 6-day Rutgers University User Experience Design Mini-Masters course in June 2012. I learned research techniques and design best practices to the underlying psychology and sociology that guides user design. It was similar to a boot camp class as I “learned by doing” in a simulated team project. The attached case study details the class project we were given, and the UX methodologies we used to complete and test it. The methodologies included contextual inquiries (walking around campus and talked to students and personnel), creating personas, building and prototype testing. I designed the app screen and logo for my team.


The Solution

For details on the research findings and recommendations of my team, refer to the PDF linked below. In addition to the case study, a working HTML prototype was created in Balsamiq. The prototype was used for user testing. Slides 2 and 3 in the slider below show two of the screens created. Additional screens can be seen in the case study.


View Case Study PDF

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