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Agent Portal Redesign Prototype

PORTFOLIO: Project 10

Project Summary


This project was another phase of the Fidelity & Guaranty Life (FGL) Agent Portal Interface redesign (see Project 9). This phase involved incorporating the product information interface into a product portal where agents could find and search for types of products. A prototype was built in Axure to detail functionality and features.


The Problem


The old Agent Portal was very outdated - both in technology and design. The old product pages forced the agent to visit several pages to find different pieces of information for one product. Search functionality was limited -- agents could only search by product type or product name (assuming they knew the name). Products were poorly presented on the site and overall, created a very outdated impression. 

The Solution


A product portal was designed to house all product-related information. The initial view presented all products to the user. A more robust search was planned to allow the user to search for a specific product or filter products by type or availability. Each product had it's own product page, which incorporated all content into a tabular modal view (see Project 9). 



My role included meeting with stakeholders to gather requirements, creating the prototype using Axure, designing the user interfaces, creating and documenting all functional requirements, and collaborating with the development team.  There are over 80 pages/views in the prototype which is viewable here: Axure Prototype of Agent Portal Product Center   (Note: Axure prototype may be slow to load.)

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