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Project 7

FG Life Agent Portal Face Lift

Project Summary:
This project was a redesign of the homepage for the FG Life (Fidelity & Guaranty Life) agent portal, SalesLink, which provides marketing resources, product information and business details (such as new business, pending business, etc) to agents. This was a temporary face lift that was implemented temporarily as a full redesign was being designed and developed. 

The Problem
The former site was very old and dated with a "second website generation" feel. It also suffered from a severe case of content sprawl and needed a rehaul of the information architecture. Therefore, it was also not very user friendly.The backend was a huge mound of spaghetti code. Updates were difficult and usually resulted in expected "breakage."

The Solution
First on the list was a much needed fresh look and feel. Just as important was a new information architecture and reorganization of content. New functionality was also added for convenience. The look and feel followed the branding used in the corporate public site and new functionality included an image slider on the homepage as well as a new Product interface (see Project 5) and New Business section (see Project 8).

The Process:
Technical requirements for the homepage were gathered from stakeholder interviews and meetings. These requirements were combined with existing functional requirements to create wireframes using Axure.

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